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Hay Feeder Rabbit Toy Willow

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Willow Hay Feeder Toy, Hay Holder, Handcrafted Natural Willow Hay Feeder, Willow Enrichment Toy for Rabbits and other similar size pets

This free-standing willow hay holder is 100% natural.

It has a flat base so that it can stand on its own, at a perfect height for your bunny to stand and eat from freely!

It is also completely edible which makes them extra tasty for your bunny to nibble and gnaw! Also, can be attached to the side of a cage.

Perfect for every bunny!

Not only can they enjoy the hay inside but the hay holder itself is edible too!

Ideal for holding hay for your bunny to nibble on! You could also use it to store small various bunny toys for as long as it lasts! It is an all-around hay holder for your bunny!

Keeps teeth trim and great for mental enrichment.

Natural willow is renowned for having natural pain-relieving therapeutic properties for rabbits.

Great for small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs and other similar size pets

Approx. size:
13cmH x 16cmW

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