Whelping Box with Entrance Door


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Whelping Box for Cats with Secured Entrance Door, Wooden Weaning Box, Birthing Bed, Whelping Box, Kittens Box, Cat, Kitty, Kittens Box

Perfect whelping solution.

Gives just about enough of room for comfort and security. Our whelping box gives a new mother the perfect place to birth, rest, and nurture her new litter.

If you care about your new kittens and their mother… but you also value your own convenience and peace of mind…

Then you’ll be happy you found this whelping box!

Keeps moms and babies safely contained

This design has a wood floor.

Ready to be stain or painted.

Approx. measurement:
Height: 40 cm
Length: 81 cm
Width: 70 cm

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