Snuggle Bed Hugger


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Burrow snuggle bed hugger for rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, hedgehogs and other small animals

Approx. dimensions:

SMALL 38Lx33W cm (Good for Guinea pigs and hedgehogs)

MEDIUM 46Lx41W cm (Good for rabbits less than about 1.5kg)

LARGE 53Lx48W cm (Good for rabbits over than about 1.5kg, less than 4kg)

XLARGE 60Lx55W cm (Good for large breeds and/or a bonded pair of small pets between 1.8 kg - 4 kg)

IKEA DUKTIG BED 48Lx33W cm (Good for rabbits over than about 1kg, less than 3kg)

If you have a specific size please message me for a quote!

Care Instructions:

Machine wash cool
Delicate cycle and lay flat or hang to dry

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