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Royal Canin Veterinary Dog - Renal Mousse Dog Food

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Important Information
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Royal Canin Veterinary Dog - Renal Mousse has been designed in response to the prevalence of chronic renal insufficiency (CRI) in dogs, which can often manifest itself in anorexia (loss of appetite). In cases of CRI, feeding a specially adapted diet is especially important. Royal Canin Renal moist dog food is a dietetic wet food that has been especially developed for dogs with kidney illness. The food can help to support kidney function and contains a special antioxidant complex as well as essential EPA and DHA and has a lower phosphorus content.
support your dog's health with Royal Canin renal
The food’s adapted protein content helps to prevent overloading of the kidneys and the alkalizing formulation helps to balance the dog’s metabolism. The flavours in the food have been selected to be particularly appealing to dogs, to help to make the food as well accepted as possible.

a science-based formula for your dog with renal disease

Recommended for (indications):

  • Chronic renal insufficiency (CRI)
Not recommended for (contraindications):
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Pancreatitis or recovery after acute pancreatitis
  • Lactating bitches, pregnant bitches or puppies
Key benefits:
  • Dietary management of chronic renal complaints: Recipe designed to support renal function in cases of chronic renal disease. With EPA and DHA, an antioxidant complex and low phosphorus.
  • Eases strain on the kidneys: Excess pressure on the kidneys can lead to urine poisoning, whereas food with a balanced protein content can help to ease the load on the kidneys.
  • Balanced metabolism: Chronic renal complaints can cause metabolic acidosis. The alkalizing formula of this moist dog food can help to counteract this effect.
  • Acceptance: Selected ingredients create a flavour profile that is very well accepted.
Duration of treatment:
It is recommended to start feeding a special diet as early as possible. It is advisable to use special foods for the rest of the dog’s life, in cases of chronic renal disease.
mix dry and wet for an optimal feeding experience

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