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Royal Canin Kitten Cat Food

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When your kitten is around 4 months old, its growth starts to slow down but its activity levels continue to be as high as ever! During this time, your kitten requires tailored nutrition such as this Royal Canin Kitten to help support healthy development of bones, muscles, organs, immune system and nervous system.
Royal Canin Kitten dry cat food has been specially developed to meet the nutritional needs of kittens in the "consolidation phase", which occurs between the 4th and 12th months of life.
Kitten phaseThis tailored Royal Canin Kitten food contains tailored levels of protein, minerals and vitamins, all designed to meet the increasing energy needs of your kitten and support healthy bone and muscle growth.
The kibble also contains nutrients such as vitamins C and E, which help your kitten to develop an optimum immune system. Omega-3 fatty acids support the natural development of the brain and promote healthy eyesight. A combination of beneficial prebiotics (MOS) and highly-digestible proteins ensures that Royal Canin Kitten helps your young cat to achieve an ideal gut flora balance, boosting healthy digestion.
FeedingRoyal Canin Kitten at a glance:
  • Special dry food for kittens aged 4-12 months
  • Supports growth: tailored protein, vitamin and mineral contents
  • Immune system development: with nutrients including vitamins C and E
  • Promotes healthy brain development: contains essential omega-3 fatty acids
  • For balance in the gut flora: prebiotics and highly-digestible proteins
  • Dental health: specially designed kibble for the small jaws of kittens, with a mechanical brushing effect
The kibble of Royal Canin Kitten has been specially developed for the small jaws of kittens. It also provides a mechanical brushing effect as your cat chews, which can support optimum dental hygiene in kittens.
Mixed feeding

Give your kitten an ideal foundation for a healthy life!

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