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Cuddle Bag Snuggle Sack Guinea Pig Hutch Indoor Bed

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Reversible snuggle sack burrow blanket pocket pouch cosy bed bag for small animal guinea pig, pygmy hedgehog, rat, dragon, pet and even new born kittens.

Snuggle sack is great accessory for your pet that helps them get used being held and helps with bonding.

Sacks provide a warm and cosy place to curl up in to feel safe and secure. Fold the top down to adjust to the size of your pet or reverse the sack for an alternate texture/color.

Approx. size:

Single - 30x25 cm
Double - 40x35 cm

Care Instructions:

Machine wash cool
Delicate cycle and lay flat or hang to dry

Color variations:

Red fleece / tartan
Orange fleece / camouflage
Yellow fleece / sunflowers
Blue fleece / sunflowers
Red fleece / yellow fleece
Blue fleece / yellow fleece

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