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Wooden Sand Bath Rabbit Hutch Sandbox

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Rabbit Sandbox Wooden Sand bath Shelter Hideout Hideaway Hutch Small Animal Exercise Playhouse

Your rabbits will enjoy playing, bathing and digging in this sand box.

Rabbits roll in the dirt as their primary way of getting clean.

Rolling in dry soil absorbs excess skin oils and helps prevent countless skin conditions and diseases.

In addition, the fine dust from a bunny rolling in the dirt helps control mites and fleas that often infest a rabbits' hair.

Each Hideaway is built using 6 mm and 9 mm Plywood. As these are made from plywood there may be some cosmetic marks on the ply but this doesn't affect the item!

Approx. measurements:

50 cm L x 80 cm W x 27 cm H

Perfect hideout and home for your rabbit! The construction is beautiful, perfectly fit and absolutely amazing for your pet!!!

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