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Outdoor Bird Cage House

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Outdoor Birdhouse Bird feeder for Hanging Air Vents Wooden Birdhouse Fits Most Common Backyard and Little Birds Gift to Avid-bird Watchers

Offers your feathered friends a cozy, wonderful, safe and secure home. Birds will roost inside this bird hut to stay warm during cold winter nights.

You will be able to place this birdhouse as close as possible to your home so you can have a crystal-clear view of your feathery garden friends.

You can give birds another nest-building option and add some accessory, style and beauty to your patio, garden area and yard at the same time by putting up an adorable standing birdhouse.

A generous quantity of air vents allows for maximum air ventilation to ensure healthy fledglings.

Comes with a small, heavy-duty metal hanging hooks that makes it easier to hang directly on a branch or at the end of a long hanging hook.

Top hooks allows for quick and easy placement virtually anywhere. When placing your house, be sure to choose a bird-friendly location that can also be seen from a window!

It's the perfect gift for any avid-bird watchers, nature lover, or design enthusiast.

Natural and Earth-Friendly texture makes it modern & good-looking.

As these are made from wood there may be some cosmetic marks on the wood but this doesn't affect the item.
Approx. measurements:

Height: 32 cm
Width: 30 cm
Length: 55 cm

If you have a specific size please message me for a quote!

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