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Multi-Chamber Hamster House Maze 6-Room Hideouts & Tunnel

Its got no bottom which makes it easy to clean, just keep moving it around.

Is built using 6 mm and 9 mm Plywood.

As these are made from plywood there may be some cosmetic marks on the ply but this doesn't affect the item.

The doors, which around 2.1 inches(5 cm) in diameter, it's big enough for a tiny hamster to slip through comfortably.


- 12.4x8x3.3inch (32x20.5x8cm), entrance 5 cm


- 32x30x10, entrance 8cm

If you have a specific size please message me for a quote!

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Customer Reviews

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Style: 32x30x10
I LOVE this - I’ve wanted something like this for my boy for SO long lol. I can now proudly say that his hideout is bigger than the cage his old owner kept him in. I don’t know how much he’s gonna like it, since he’s never had anything like this, but I love the quality and size of it. I’ll try and get a photo of him in it and add it to my review later on. :) EDIT: He loves it! All I can hear is him digging around making his nest, it sounds like an earthquake lol.

Dan James

quick delivery, good service but it arrived a lot loose. i had to hit the sides back in to make sure it was secure, this might have been during transit. it arrived a little dusty from the sanding which i urge everyone to wipe this down before letting your animal live in it - it can cause respiratory issues. thanks!

Gail lomax

Love this item. Really well made. Quality is good, love the colour. Its as it is in the photo . My only problem is after putting it in my Hamshers enclosure I realised the lid was not quite flush so has a slight wobble. But intend buying the L Sgaped one in the future from them same company .

Rachel Gray

Style: 32x30x10
My Syrian hamster loves this! It took her a few days to get used to it in her cage but she has since moved her bed into it and also loves playing in it

Alix Temples

Style: 32x20x10
Needed urgent replacement when my hamster wrecked her house! She’s so happy with her new home