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Large Hop On Rabbit Hutch House

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It is perfect hideout and home. Its got no bottom which makes it easy to clean, just keep moving it around. It's handmade to order.

It is 20 in wide x 12 in deep and 14 in high, with 2 off 7 in x 7 in entrance holes on the bottom level with a open plan upper level.

Each Hideaway is built using 6 mm and 9 mm Plywood. As these are made from plywood there may be some cosmetic marks on the ply but this doesn't affect the item.

Approx. measurements 51cm wide x 36cm height x 31cm deep

If you have a specific size please message me for a quote!

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Customer Reviews

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5 out of 5 stars

COLOR: Unpainted


Thanks! It's very pretty and one of my buns loves to lay on top of it on a blanket.

Heather Bruce

COLOR: Unpainted
Great item which my bunnies love, unfortunately the bits to hold the shelf on arrived broken but my partner was able to fix.

Stacy Lyon

Easy to put together. Great for our bunnies play area. Adding a cushion on top also. they love to go in the hole and get on top of the shelter.


Just as described and really well made, was so worth it getting this. Love having a shelter for my medium sized rabbit that's large enough to comfortably stretch out inside of and with the two exits. Great designs in this shop for really suitable hides/shelters for rabbits