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IAMS for Vitality Kitten Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food

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This premium quality IAMS for Vitality Kitten Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food offers your cat the best possible start in life. As well as a high content of valuable animal protein from chicken and turkey (43%), it also contains special ingredients chosen for their ability to support healthy development. The balanced recipe uses selected ingredients and prebiotics for best digestibility, as well as for a great flavour. Even the fussiest pets will love this IAMS for Vitality Kitten Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food and will receive all of the vital nutrients needed for overall wellbeing.

IAMS for Vitality Kitten Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food contains DHA to support the development of healthy brain and eyesight. The tailored formula can have positive effects on cognitive ability, whilst antioxidants encourage a strong immune system. Unsaturated omega fatty acids keep skin healthy and coat glossy. The high nutrient content of this IAMS for Vitality Kitten Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food with plenty of protein makes it the ideal food for the key initial growth phases, helping build muscle mass and strong bones in young cats between the ages of 1-12 months. This special nutrition can also be beneficial for pregnant or nursing mother cats, providing sufficient energy and strength for them and their offspring.

IAMS for Vitality Kitten Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food at a glance:

  • Balanced food especially for young kittens and junior cats aged 1-12 months, or for pregnant or lactating mother cats
  • Nutrient dense food: with essential animal protein, vitamins and minerals, designed to be beneficial during the growth phase
  • 43% chicken & turkey: with quality animal proteins for a great flavour and aroma and to help build strong muscles
  • Easy to digest: healthy ingredients and prebiotics make this food very healthy and help to support a balanced gut flora
  • Cognitive function: the omega-3 fatty acid DHA helps with brain development and good eyesight
  • Strong bones: recipe designed to promote healthy bone development
  • Strong immune system: rich in antioxidants and vitamins to boost the body’s defences
  • Healthy skin & glossy coat: with unsaturated omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids
  • With taurine: naturally found in chicken and can help to strengthen eyes and heart
  • Well accepted: tasty kibble with an improved recipe including lots of chicken and selected ingredients for a great taste
  • Balanced and complete: all-round nutrition with vitamins, minerals and trace elements, specially adapted to meet the needs in the growth phase
  • No added flavourings, colourings or preservatives
  • Shaped pellets: flavourful kibble, designed with your pet’s mouth shape in mind, making them easy to bite and chew

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