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IAMS for Vitality Adult Sterilised Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food

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This IAMS for Vitality Adult Sterilised Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food is a balanced, complete food designed to support the nutritional needs of adult cats after sterilisation or castration. It contains a low-fat recipe and 84% animal protein, as well as other selected ingredients that not only ensure great flavour but also help to promote your cat’s vitality.
This light IAMS for Vitality Adult Sterilised Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food is adapted to meet the changing nutritional and energy needs of sterilised or castrated cats. It has 30% less fat than regular adult cat food with chicken. This complete food promotes the 7 signs of healthy vitality. It can help keep skin healthy and coat glossy, strengthens muscles, supports the immune system and helps to keep the heart healthy, amongst other key benefits. It can also have positive effects on your cat’s digestion. The crunchy texture of the bite-sized kibble supports healthy teeth, and this dish is made without wheat to ensure it is well-accepted. IAMS for Vitality Adult Sterilised Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food is also free from artificial colours and flavourings.

IAMS for Vitality Adult Sterilised Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food at a glance:
  • Dry food for adult cats over the age of 1 year
  • Specially developed for sterilised and castrated cats, to help maintain a healthy weight
  • Reduced-fat recipe: 30% less fat than standard IAMS Adult Chicken
  • 84% animal protein: of the total protein content, with fresh chicken
  • Supports 7 signs of healthy vitality:
    • Strong muscles: high-quality animal protein and essential minerals helps to keep muscles strong
    • Healthy digestion: a tailored mix of fibres with prebiotics and sugar beet pulp to keep the digestive tract healthy
    • Healthy urinary tract: recipe to reduce the pH value of urine
    • Strong heart: contains taurine that can keep the heart strong and healthy
    • Strong immune system: antioxidants and vitamin E support natural bodily defences
    • Healthy teeth: the crunchy texture and adapted mineral content can help support dental health
    • Glossy coat and healthy skin: supported by omega-3 and -6 fatty acids
  • Well accepted: delicious flavour thanks to improved recipe with fresh chicken and selected ingredients
  • Free from added artificial flavours, colourings and wheat
  • Crunchy pellets: size adapted to your cat’s jaws, easy to bite and chew
  • Resealable bag

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