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Guinea Pig House Hideout Shelter Tower Play Castle Hideaway Small Animal Hutch

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Guinea pig house perfect hideout and home. Its got no bottom which makes it easy to clean, just keep moving it around. It's handmade to order.

If you have a specific size please message me for a quote!

Each Hideaway is built using 6 mm and 9mm Plywood.

As these are made from plywood there may be some cosmetic marks on the ply but this doesn't affect the item.

Approx. measurements 40cm width x 25cm height x 20cm depth, total length is approx. 113cm. Check out my other items!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jennifer Kerr

Good quality item. I love it so much and my babies are very happy

Jessica Faye

So cute! My bunny loves it!


Color: Unpainted
Listing review by deborahlabun
My two guinea pigs love this... mainly as a chew toy and hidey house, rather than a play structure. They are who they are! But it comes together nicely, with all the slots and tabs finely calibrated. It took me awhile to line up the parts that needed to be screwed in place, but again, it came together beautifully. I do find that the animals can push the ramps up from underneath and unhook them from the structure, so I'm going to cut a piece of an old yoga mat to cover the top surface, with "tongues" going down the ramps, see if that helps.

Imge Reyhan

This is a very cute hide house. Our bunny loves it!

Lisa Carter

5 Out of 5 Stars