Guinea Pig Corner Castle


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Guinea pig castle perfect hideout and home

Its got no bottom which makes it easy to clean, just keep moving it around.

It's 16" wide x 16"deep and 10" high, with two 5" x 5" entrance holes on the bottom level with ramp that leads to the upper level. Item has updated ramp, with added steps for easier grip (listing photo is not updated yet).

Each Hideaway is built using 6 mm and 9 mm Plywood. As these are made from plywood there may be some cosmetic marks on the ply but this doesn't affect the item.

Approx. measurements 40cm wide x 25cm height x 40cm deep.

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Customer Reviews

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COLOR: Unpainted
Absolutely fantastic and my pigs love it! They won't go up the stairs which is a shame, but I've put it in their bed and they love it so much they often refuse to leave! The perfect size for guinea pigs, fast despatch and arrival, and basically 10/10 ! I did paint it myself too~

Georgia lewis

Delivered very quickly, thought I had to build it but came already built- just added the slope. Great quality, much bigger in person that on photos, my boys love them! Big enough for two guinea pigs!


My two (large) boar guinea pigs love it. Plenty of space for them to sleep in it with enough piggy personal space to stretch out. Two entrances make it safe for the boys as they can't box each other in. Piggy #1 likes being up the ramp so it's like he has his own personal loft. Piggy #2 would gladly the house all day ❤️ Piggy #1 has tried to nibble at the wood (he's destroyed a space house before 🤦‍♂️) . It fits neatly into the corner of their 2x4 c&c cage - which is what I wanted. I also use it for their floortime. Bonus is it is unflippable --- a great purchase for anyone who has piggies that enjoy flipping their houses over 🤣 Very happy with the purchase as are the piggies!


Absolutely love this little house, and so does are little guinea pig! And I’m sure our two new girls will love it once they’re in! Only issue was that the instructions didn’t match the item I had bought, but it was common sense as to what to do!


My guinea pigs will love this. It's really well made and fits in the corner of the cage perfectly. It's much bigger than I thought which is a HUGE bonus. So happy with my purchase. Would definitely buy again from this seller. A++