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Green Fleece Snuggle Hugger Guinea Pig & Rabbit Hutch Indoor Bed

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Green Fleece Snuggle Bed pillow Snuggle Bunny Bed Bunny Rabbit pillow for Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Cats, Hedgehogs and other small animals

Approx. dimensions:

SMALL 38Lx33W cm (Good for Guinea pigs and hedgehogs)

MEDIUM 46Lx41W cm (Good for rabbits less than about 1.5kg)

LARGE 53Lx48W cm (Good for rabbits over than about 1.5kg, less than 4kg)

XLARGE 60Lx55W cm (Good for large breeds and/or a bonded pair of small pets between 1.8 kg - 4 kg)

IKEA DUKTIG BED 48Lx33W cm (Good for rabbits over than about 1kg, less than 3kg)

If you have a specific size please message me for a quote!

Care Instructions:
Machine wash cool
Delicate cycle and lay flat or hang to dry

NOTE: When placing order please add a note with fabric number you require.

A- Grey/White Stars
B- Poppy
C- Sunflower/White
D- Sunflower/Black
E- White/Red Hearts
F- Tropical
G- Flamingo
H- Cats
I- Sheep
J- Ladybug
K- Bees
L- Bunnies
M- Rainbow Bunnies
N- Checkered Blue
O- Checkered Pink
P- Checkered Yellow
Q- Rainbow
R- Striped Black/Red
S- Stripe White/Black
T- Orange/Big Circle
U- Black/Big Circle
V- Green/White Circles
W- Yellow/White Circle
X- Rainbow Clouds
Y- Orange Giraffe
Z- Zebra Prints
1- Yellow Tiger
2- Pink/Yellow Giraffe
3- Zigzag Black
4- Zigzag Red
5- UK Flag
6- Orange/Small Circle
7- Colorful Circle
8- Green/White Circles
9- Cheetah
10- Pink Camo
11- Pink/White Circle
12- Orange Camo
13- Camouflaged
14- Pink/White Stars
15- Purple/White Stars
16- Red/White Stars

A1- Galaxy Fleece
A2- Thunder Fleece
A3- Cherry Blossom Fleece
A4- Harlequin Fleece
A5- Navy Stars Fleece
A6- Red Stars Fleece
A7- Orange Stars Fleece
A8- Purple Stars Fleece
A9- Cerise Fleece
A10- Cornflower Fleece
A11- Yellow Fleece
A12- Brown Fleece
A13- Baby Elephant Fleece
A14- Fox Fleece
A15- Farm Sheep Fleece
A16- Leopard Fleece
A17- Cats & Cauldrons Fleece
A18- Yellow Rabbit Fleece
A19- Doughnuts Fleece
A20- Love Hearts Fleece
A21- Halloween Night Fleece
A22- Brown Polka Fleece
A23- Avocados Fleece
A24- Cheetah Fleece
A25- Blue Cheetah Fleece
A26- Zebra Fleece
A27- Black/Red Hearts Fleece
A28- Grey/White Hearts Fleece
A29- Red Fleece
A30- Blue Fleece
A31- Baby Pink Fleece
A32- Grey Fleece
A33- Orange Fleece
A34- Yellow Fleece
A35- White Dimple Fleece
A36- Green Fleece

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