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Forthglade Just 90% Grain-Free Adult Dog - Just Poultry Dog Food

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Forthglade Just 90% Grain-Free Adult Dog - Just Poultry is a complementary wet dog food that is full of irresistible flavour and kind on sensitive tummies, made using a grain-free, protein-rich recipe of 90% meat. Feeding your dog this delicious moist dish alongside a quality dry dog food or with nutritious vegetables and a carbohydrate source such as potato or brown rice creates the perfect nutritionally balanced meal for your dog. This Forthglade Just 90% Grain-Free Adult Dog - Just Poultry is a rich source of nutrients and can help support your dog's overall health and wellbeing. Thanks to its all nutritious and wholesome ingredients, Forthglade Just 90% Grain-Free is suitable for both adult dogs and puppies aged 2+ months.

The recipes in the Forthglade Just 90% Grain-Free Adult Dog - Just Poultry collection use only the finest natural ingredients, with either chicken, chicken liver or turkey to provide your dog with an unbeatable taste experience that will add texture and variety to your dog's diet. The ingredients are gently steamed with just a little water, helping to ensure that everything cooks slowly at a low temperature to preserve the natural nutrients and flavour. By using pure meat with some essential added minerals, you can be sure your dog will find this wholesome Forthglade Just 90% Grain-Free Adult Dog - Just Poultry wet food easy to digest and unbelievably delicious!

Forthglade Just 90% Grain-Free Adult Dog - Just Poultry is also completely grain-free, making it the ideal choice for dogs with sensitive skin or digestion that can be aggravated by troublesome ingredients. Now even your sensitive dog can enjoy the bountiful benefits of Forthglade wet dog food!

The Forthglade Just 90% Grain-Free Adult Dog - Just Poultry contains the following varieties:
  • 4 x Chicken
  • 4 x Chicken with Liver
  • 4 x Turkey
Forthglade Just 90% Grain-Free Adult Dog - Mixed Pack at a glance:
  • Complementary wet dog food
  • Suitable for both adult dogs and puppies aged 2+ months
  • Ideal for combining with your dog's dry food or with vegetables and carbohydrate sources
  • Natural, premium recipeall ingredients offer natural goodness, with pure meat and added minerals
  • 90% chicken, chicken liver or turkey: rich sources of protein and full of flavour
  • Grain-free: suitable for sensitive dogs
  • Gently steamed: to retain natural goodness and flavour
  • With added minerals: to help your dog absorb key nutrients and to support overall good health and wellbeing
  • No junk or fillers: just pure, natural meat to offer your dog immeasurable health benefits

For over 40 years Forthglade have been making nutritionally balanced and delicious pet food for dogs in the heart of the Devon countryside. Forthglade products are made with natural ingredients that are locally sourced wherever possible, vacuum sealed and gently cooked to retain all that natural goodness.

Please Note:
The Just 90% Range is a complementary food, to be fed alongside a good-quality mixer, and is suitable for dogs aged 2+ months to end of life. The customer must ensure they provide their dog with a suitable mixer as they progress through the different life stages.

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