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Eukanuba Active Adult Medium Breed - Chicken Dog Food

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Nourish your dog with this Eukanuba Active Adult Medium Breed Chicken, with a recipe formulated by experts and recommended by breeders. It is tailored to meet your dog’s nutritional needs at this stage in its life, promoting optimum body composition for lively medium breed dogs between the ages of 1-7 years. It is rich in poultry and 16% fresh chicken, making for a delicious meal packed full of high-quality animal protein. Eukanuba Active Adult Medium Breed Chicken also contains natural nutrients that encourage wellbeing and high quality of life.

Unsaturated omega-3 and -6 fatty acids support smooth skin and glossy coat. Eukanuba Active Adult Medium Breed Chicken also has 6-edged kibble pieces and a special DentaDefense formula that keeps teeth clean and jaw strong. It also contains valuable fibres and prebiotic FOS to encourage regulated intestinal flora and balanced digestion, ensuring nutrients can be well-absorbed.

This kibble has been perfectly tailored to fulfil the highest quality standards and effectively support your dog’s overall wellbeing and vitality.

Eukanuba Active Adult Medium Breed Chicken at a glance:
  • Balanced dry food for medium breed adult dogs, ideal for dogs weighing 10-25kg and between 1-7 years old
  • Life Stage recipe: tailored recipe that is ideal for this life stage of your dog
  • Optimum body condition: unique condition of invigorating ingredients that contribute to maximum wellbeing in adult years
  • Developed by experts: recipe designed by nutritional experts and veterinarians, and recommended by breeders
  • High meat content: more than 40% poultry, rich in high-quality animal protein and encouraging strong, lean muscles
  • 16% fresh chicken: easy to digest and particularly delicious
  • Healthy skin & glossy coat: thanks to natural sources of omega-3 and -6
  • Balanced digestion: with a specially-tailored mix of fibres, including sugar beet pulp and prebiotic FOS, which encourage optimum nutritional intake L-carnitine: can boost metabolism and fat-burning, which helps maintain a healthy bodyweight
  • Healthy teeth & jaw: with 6-edged croquettes and a DentaDefense formula
  • Strong immune system: antioxidants vitamin E and C can support the immune system With Yucca: minimises stool odour
  • Balanced mix of nutrients: ideal vitamin, mineral and trace element content, as well as valuable plant extracts
  • Free from: artificial colourings and flavourings, as well as GMOs
  • Reliable: this food has undergone more than 120 quality checks
  • Practical packaging: resealable zip pouch (not the 15 + 3kg bag)
  • Top producer: Eukanuba have been recognised for their research and development in high-quality pet nutrition and guarantee the use of the best ingredients

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