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C&C Fleece Liners Rabbit & Guinea Pig Hutch Indoor Bed

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C&C Fleece Liners Suitable for C and C Cages Waterproof C and C Fleece Cage Liners for Guinea pigs and other Small Animals Machine Washable

These C & C cage liners are well made from fleece on the top layer, filled with excellent quality and soft wadding in between and at the bottom of the cage liner features a waterproof layer.

Suitable for C&C cages for guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, mice, rats, hedgehogs, ferrets and other small animals

Can be used both sides up.

Available sizes:

1x1 (37x37cm)
1x2 (37x73cm)
1x3 (37x108cm)
1x4 (37x145cm)
2x2 (73x73cm)
2x3 (73x108cm)
2x4 (73x145cm)
2x5 (73x185cm)
2x6 (73x213cm)
3x3 (108x108cm)
3x4 (108x145cm)
3x5 (108x185cm)
3x6 (108x213cm)
4x4 (145x145cm)
4x5 (145x185cm)
4x6 (145x213cm)

Care Instructions: Machine wash at 30°C.

If you have specific size, please message me for a quote!

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