Burgess Excel Long Stem Feeding Hay


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Burgess Excel Long Stem Feeding Hay is a great way to nourish your rabbit, providing a broad range of benefits as well as being delicious in combination with nuggets and fresh greens. It contains Timothy Hay, which is rich in fibre and can help support digestive health. The long stems of the hay in this Burgess Excel Long Stem Feeding Hay help to encourage a rabbit's natural desire to forage, as well as making sure it chews sufficiently. This chewing can help to promote dental abrasion, as well as being great mental stimulation.
This Burgess Excel Long Stem Feeding Hay consists of Timothy Hay that is grown on a farm in Yorkshire and has been cut and dried within 48 hours. This helps to ensure optimum enjoyment and nutrition for your rabbit, without any dust that could affect your rabbit's breathing. It also comes in a handy resealable bag that helps to keep the hay fresh right down to the last tasty stalk!

Burgess Excel Long Stem Feeding Hay at a glance:
  • Nutritious Timothy Hay for rabbits
  • 100% natural ingredient
  • High in beneficial fibre: helps to support your rabbit's digestive health
  • Stimulates chewing: to support dental abrasion and health
  • Emotional enrichment: by encouraging your rabbit to satisfy its natural foraging behaviours
  • Dust extracted: to reduce the risk of exacerbating respiratory issues
  • Fresh fragrance: irresistible natural scent
Did you know that your rabbit or guinea pig's diet should consist of around 85-90% hay?
Use a hay such as our Feeding Hay with Dandelion & Marigold to create the main part of your small pet's diet, helping to support dental and digestive health. Burgess Nuggets can be added to provide key vitamins, minerals and fibre, as well as to help avoid selective feeding. Feed snacks as a little additional treat, as well as handfuls of fresh greens, to help boost your pet's mental health and happiness, and make sure fresh drinking water is always accessible. Check out our website for advice on which vegetables can be beneficial to your pet!