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Snuggle Rabbit Hutch Indoor Bed

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Bunny Snuggle Bed with Removable Pad for Rabbits for Improved Sleep Machine Washable Cozy Comfortable Cuddle Snuggle Bed

The Bunny Snuggle Bed with Removable Pad is perfect for rabbits to relax and snooze.

Soft, fluffy, cushiony and plushy bed for small pets to cuddle and snuggle

Will not only provide your pet with a comfortable place to sleep, but it’ll also ensure your pet feels secure too.

Comes with Removable pad

Will allow you to replace the pad in your snuggle bed for a clean one when it gets dirty instead of having to replace the whole snuggle bed. You can also use them as a stand-alone.

Approximate size:

30 cm x 30cm

Care Instructions:

Machine wash cool
Delicate cycle and lay flat or hang to dry