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These hearts are the perfect way to show your bunny how much you love him! Or maybe your bunny is going on a date and needs something for his girlfriend? 😍🥰

Ingredients are yummy, and the hearts smells like refreshing summer evenings! Inside each heart are blueberries, dill, Burgess mint pellets, ground hibiscus flowers, and is topped up with rose petals.

A little about hibiscus and why it's good for the bunnies - letting your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla eat hibiscus daily helps add variety to their diet. It has copious amounts of antioxidants and is a great source of vitamin C. It can also help prevent bladder infection as well as constipation. For this reason, we recommend a little bite of this heart every day!

You will find 4 hearts in the package. We recommend transferring them in an airtight container when received.

The recommended dosage for an adult bunny is a heart per week by nibbling a little every day.

Please note, all our treats are handmade to order, this is why the texture and the look of the product can be a little different each time, but ingredients always the same!

100% organic, non-GMO, vegan, cruelty-free.

HANDCRAFTED: Each treat is created with love, passion, and dedication for your bunnies!

NO NASTIES: we never use preservatives, additives, or artificial coloring.

MADE TO ORDER: we slowly bake to ensure the highest nutrient and flavor content. Each batch is made-to-order to guarantee that you are receiving the freshest product!

We aim to deliver within 5-7 working days in the UK and dispatch items within 5 working days to other countries.