Teepee Bed


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Rabbit Teepee wigwam tent with Teepee Removable Pad, Bunny Teepee, Rabbit Bed, Guinea Pig Bed, Rat Bed, Chinchilla Bed, Small Pet Teepee


Has a soft pad attached to the bottom of the teepee.

You can also choose to purchase the Teepee Removable Pad only.

Approx. dimensions:

For rabbits: 46cm height x 28cm entrance height x 40cm entrance width. Approx. 38 x 38 cm pad

For guinea pigs: 32cm height x 18cm entrance height x 25cm entrance width. Approx. 24 x 24 cm pad

Rabbit Teepee Removable Pad: 38 cm x 38cm

Guinea Teepee Removable Pad: 24 cm x 24cm

If you have a specific size please message me for a quote!

Care Instructions:

Machine wash cool
Delicate cycle and lay flat or hang to dry

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