Celebration cake for rabbits, guinea pigs and degu


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Rosewood Naturals Celebration Cake is a guilt-free snack that doesn’t have any dairy or added sugar; just 100% natural ingredients.

Made with edible cellulose fiber walls and a lid dressed in delicious carrot and coconut, topped with herb ‘n’ veg balls and flower petals, the cake also contains a hidden filling of a wonderful herbal salad.

Ideal for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rats, Gerbils, Mice, and Chinchillas to celebrate birthdays, weddings, or just for get together party!

Carrot (40.6%), Vegetable Starch, Coconut (12%), Pea Flakes (9.8%), Parsley (2.3%), Oat Herb (2.1%), Alfalfa (2%), Wheat Herb (1.4%), Gramineous Seeds, Canary Grass Seeds, Nettle (0.8%), Rose Blossoms (0.8%), Marigold Blossoms (0.8%), Melissa (0.8%), Buckwheat, Dandelion (0.5%), Meadow Hay (0.3%), Peppermint (0.3%), Hemp Seed, Linseed, Fennel Seed, Peppers (0.1%), Buckthorn Berry (0.1%), Chamomile (0.1%), Black Cumin Seed, Beetroot (0.1%), Curcuma (0.1%), (All As Dried Ingredients)

Nutritional Information:
Protein 6.3%, Fat 10.4%, Fibre 5.8%, Ash 2.9% Sodium 0.1%