Carrot Crisps

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What bunny doesn't like carrots? And crispy ones that help to grind their teeth are even better! These little carrot crisps will help you make sure your bunny doesn't get too much sugar and is happy! Ingredients - 🥕🥕🥕
You will get 30g or 100g of carrot crisps, which would last you about a month if giving recommended dosage - up to 3 crisps per day.

100% organic, non-GMO, vegan, cruelty-free.

HANDCRAFTED: Each treat is created with love, passion, and dedication for your bunnies!

NO NASTIES: we never use preservatives, additives, or artificial coloring.

MADE TO ORDER: we slowly bake to ensure the highest nutrient and flavor content. Each batch is made-to-order to guarantee that you are receiving the freshest product!

Please note, all our treats are handmade to order, this is why the texture and the look of the product can be a little different each time, but ingredients always the same!

We aim to deliver within 5-7 working days in the UK and dispatch items within 5 working days to other countries.